I’m Associate Editor at The Indypendent and have contributed to VICE, VICE News, Salon, Alternet and Mic.com among other outlets. I’ve also conducted film research for the BBC. My reporting touches on a variety of subjects from food to criminal justice, the gig economy to hate groups, environmentalism, social movements and electoral politics.


The Indypendent

Why Your Commute Sucks 


Decades of neglect have left the subway in shambles. Can Andrew Cuomo solve the mess he’s done so much to create?

‘The Greatest Jobs Producer God Ever Created’


Trump’s trillion dollar infrastructure plan could be his biggest con yet

The Reds are Back in Town


The Democratic Socialists of America are shaking up politics as usual

Drifting to Donald


Trump’s best chance of an upset victory lies with working class communities like this one

The Gig is Up 


How the gig economy is changing the way we work and live

Debbie Medina Wants to Shake Up Albany


Community organizer challenges Democratic party hack. But will recent revelations derail her outsider campaign?

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Why White Supremacists Love Donald Trump


Along with a broad swath of Republican voters—plus Dennis Rodman—America’s racists are getting on board the Trump bandwagon.

Who Bled Detroit Dry?


Tens of thousands of people who live beside a river and the largest freshwater source in the world, the Great Lakes, can’t even drink from their own faucets.

New York’s Silent but Deadly Fracking Problem


Fracked gas has been hailed as a “transition fuel” with significantly less of an impact on global warming than traditional oil. But a growing health crisis in Minisink, New York, illustrates that gas is not exactly Polar Springs.

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Additional Reporting: 

How activists are responding to the NYPD’s attempts to thwart Black Lives Matter (WagingNonviolence.org)


As the NYPD launches a special protest unit, Black Lives Matter organizers are working to sustain the movement for the long haul.

This Occupy Activist Could Go to Prison for Standing Up to the Cop Who Grabbed Her Breast (Mic.com)


Cecily McMillan, 25, was beaten, suffered a seizure and has photographic evidence that she was sexually assaulted at the hands of the New York Police Department. But it is McMillan who began pre-trial hearings this week and is facing two to seven years in prison. . .

The CUNY Wars: How David Petraeus Turned America’s Most Diverse University Into a War Zone (Alternet)


The general’s presence on campus has sparked protests, arrests and beatings in the streets.


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